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Mar 14, 2014

So You Wanna Be A Strategist, Hun? #FranklyFriday

The title, strategist, is a person who creates strategies. For myself, I am the Principal Strategist for Indigo7 Marketing & Events. My mission is to craft techniques and tactics for those who are in consumer/lifestyle goods focusing on content, media, and event management.  I am neither an assistant nor coordinator. I am my own business.  My experience and education is too vast to be someone’s groupie at the job. 

Today, I would like to provide advice to those who used the title, strategist, lackadaisically. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Some of you all are messing the game up.  You call yourself consultant, strategist and everything else under the sun but your job duties make you look more like the help than the leader.  Take my advice, sweetie.  Having just the title is no longer an option in 2014. Smarts and Brawn are needed to get the job done. Get to work.

Tip #1:  Stop hating and then copying another’s strategist way of thinking and creating. Have an original idea ready for your client. I hate for someone to call themselves a strategist/consultant but don’t have a damn thing to offer. Nothing but criticism and mimicking.

Tip #2: Don’t disrespect your client. You’re to adhere to the brand’s wants and desires. Never focus on how they will glorify you in the situation.  You will fall short. Trust me.  Give them credibility and comfort as their representative.

Tip #3: If you cannot work with anyone who outside of your comfort zone, you might as well call it a wrap.  Keep your gifts and abilities in perspective. But don’t say you won’t work with someone without trying to see if you can have amicable relationship.  Enemies make a better ally in the long run, anyway.

Tip #4:  Be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  This is not a negative concept, people.  You have to be able to adapt to the needs of your brand along with the client’s mission for a project.  Sometimes, you’re the leader. Other days, you’re the follower.  The way you response to crisis and other major issues will determine when you need to pull the “wolf” out.

Tip #5:  A true strategist doesn’t take product for free unless there is a contractual agreement.  The term is called bartering. Folks, you only do that unless you see true value in exchanging your services for your client’s product.  Money is king in the streets of St. Louis. I accepted nothing else but dollars and cents. I don’t know about your neighborhood.

Remember, I don’t give a damn what you do with your business as a strategist.  But since, you admire me so much; take my advice. It will end a great deal of hardship on your end. Personally, I would tell you to quit because you don’t have what it takes. But I love a good underdog story to tell, folks! Peace!

With Love & Gratitude,


Join Lean In & The Girl Scouts to Ban Bossy. Encourage Girls to Lead. Learn more at
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Join Lean In & The Girl Scouts to Ban Bossy. Encourage Girls to Lead. Learn more at

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#Event Moment: Spring Is In the Air

What is the simplest way to dramatically change your event’s décor? As an event designer, flowers have always been my choice to give a venue face lift. Remember, I told you all that if you’re short on money and time, flowers are a surefire way to make an impression on your client and the event attendees.  Since we’re coming into the season of weddings, festivals and other outdoor events, it is always important to remember that flowers can still bring a bit of drama to your outside event. 

Calla Lilies, Roses, and Orchids are spring flowers that I love to add to an arrangement or table setting to dress a function with class and substance. 

You can always visit my Pinterest board, Event Design & More ( for more ideas in regards to spring floral arrangements. 

Again, I reminded you to please send any event planning, management, and design inquiries to  The official website of Indigo7 Marketing & Events is no longer in operation so any email associated to that site is no longer functioning. I apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause your entity.

With Gratitude,


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Mar 3, 2014

Some callin me a sinner
Some callin me a winner
I’m callin you to dinner
And you know exactly what I mean
Yeah I’m talkin bout you
You can rock or you can leave
Watch me tip without you

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#Branding Moment: Fall Into the Gap

President Obama is politicking lately on the conversation of raising the minimum wage to $10.10 by 2016 for employees receiving an hourly wage.  With most change, retailers and other industry leaders are slow to react to that recent initiative to help better the nation’s economic development efforts.  

To show agreement in the recent conversation about salary and wages for US citizens, Gap, Inc announces that it will increase the wages of 65,000 employees of its 90,000 American person workforce.  The entity is the parent company of Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Old Navy, Intermix and its online component, Piperlime. In a two year period, the pay raise for Gap Inc. employees will be $9 an hour for year 2014 then a dollar increase to $10 for year 2015.

According to the CEO of Gap, Inc, Glenn F. Murray states to employees,

“To us, this is not a political issue. Our decision to invest in front-line employees will directly support our business, and is one that we expect to deliver a return many times over.”

Gap’s Mission is to be the world’s favorite for American style:

Do you love it or hate it?

My response:

I applaud Gap for being one of the first major brands to raise wages without government interference.  My hope is that most brands and government officials look at their budgets and find ways to increase wages so individuals can find jobs in their field that is supporting their livelihood without hassle. 

The interesting thing about Gap is the fact they realize that increasing the wages will help bring them a better workforce.  Out of all of the specialty retailers, Gap is probably the strongest financially and employee wise, in my opinion.

From a consumer standpoint, you will probably find a slight increase in price for items available to purchase through Gap, Inc. brands. 

Until Next Time,


Source: NY Times/Forbes/Gap, Inc. 


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Buyer Beware #FranklyFriday

In attempt to bring more attention to my business, I created a website to give potential clients the opportunity to learn more about who I am and what I can do as a service provider. I prided myself in providing the best possible support and customer service that is available in my industry. The problem with today’s service provider is the concept of paid reviews and arrogance.  I was unable to receive the type of service that I prided myself in giving others from three web hosting providers.  I am not going to give a detailed account about the situation. That’s petty from my viewpoint.

As a business leader, I should have cut the cord at the end of this month with my initial web hosting provider due to my own strategic plan. I saw weakness in continuing the usage of the website as a social media outlet for Indigo7 but I continued to deal with the nonsense with two separate entities in hopes to see an increase with the site up. My contractual agreement with the initial web hosting provider was up February 24. I went into another contract with a new provider on January 6, 2014 and found my site went down on February 26. Yes, they did get paid on 01/06/2014. Conversation with the new provider was very basic and lacked common sense, empathy and technical savvy. Quickly, I abandoned the new provider based on advice from an IT guru who gave me a little insider information about the entity and its sister company.  Some internal strife, maybe. I called it foolery!

Hell, blame the cold medicine and hot toddies or the fact that I just don’t give a fuck.  But Indigo7 Marketing & Events is exclusively on Tumblr (, now.  You can find the latest blog posts along with the available services offered by myself.  In regards to contact information, please email for all business inquiries.  For media and other inquiries, please email .  By phone, you can still reach me at 972-630-9557.

So who are the web hosting companies, you ask? Well, let me give you an exclusive. I will not say who is who in my situation. But just keep in my mind; novices are not wanted, in my opinion.  My gifts are not in HTML coding nor web design. I was a novice.  

Buyers Beware. Be careful. I’m not saying don’t work with the entities. Pay attention and be mindful of what your skill set and what your comfort level is with web hosting.

  • Just Host
  • inMotion
  • Web Hosting Hub

Until Next Time,


Feb 17, 2014

The #Branding Moment: CVS’ Ban on Tobacco

On Wednesday, February 5th, CVS Caremark announced to a national audience that the brand will take a proactive step and rid all of its CVS retail stores of tobacco and tobacco related items by October 1st. Now, we all know that October 1st marks the beginning of 4th quarter of 2014.  The move was done in hopes to create an atmosphere of healthy living for its consumers to place focus on more health care related items.

According to the president of CVS Caremark, Larry J. Merlo, the tobacco ban was motivated to help the brand focus more on its major purpose of “better health care” to its consumers. He states, “Ending the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products at CVS/pharmacy is the right thing for us to do for our customers and our company to help people on their path to better health. Put simply, the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with our purpose.”

The removal of tobacco will take place in all 7,600 stores nationwide. With an interesting twist, the CVS is still connected to the tobacco industry via its employee 401k plans. Yup, CVS’ employees are investing their dollars into the industry as I write this. 

So how does this affect the employees as well as the consumers of CVS?

Well, my response is the following:

Honestly, the economy is horrible. Milk and Egg prices are high as hell. So why wouldn’t the wholesale price for tobacco be high as well? CVS no longer sees the value in paying the price for tobacco on a retail level. I am sure the brand is spending more purchasing the tobacco then receiving income from its consumers. With the introduction of hookah and the electronic cigarette, consumers are finding other ways to relieve their nicotine addiction. No shade to CVS but if don’t make dollars it just doesn’t make sense anymore. In its strategic process, the brand’s leadership realized that they were falling short in their “Healthy Living” mission to its consumers.  

The situation with its employee 401k plans is not a major issue. They will have to take them off of the tobacco investment and place them on something else. It will be a massive job but nothing that will affect the employees’ morale.

Now, how will this affect the tobacco industry in the long run?  Personally, pay attention to the smaller independent retailers (grocery and convenience). They will see the damage first before Wal-mart, Target or a major grocery chain.

Until Next time,


Source: CVS Caremark/CNN/USA Today 

Feb 14, 2014

A Thin Line between Love & Hate #FranklyFriday

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress,

Working hard for something we love is called passion.

—A Fellow Instagrammer

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers! Since this day is about love, I wanted to talk about passion and how it relates to your brand/business/career.  When we stress, we destroy. When we’re in love, we prosper.  What do you love that you can find enjoyment and wealth? 

Recently, I realized that it wasn’t ordained ministry. I loved the Lord but I learned from my experience in seminary that I didn’t enjoy the falsity and bureaucracy of the church.  It killed my passion to teach and stressed me out to the point of depression and sickness.  I’m grateful for the experience though. If I didn’t go through what I went through in Dallas, I wouldn’t have found my joy in writing again. It made me think of moments working with a pair of African American men living out their dreams by creating a print publication reaching a population that was overlooked in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Only 24 years old at the time, I was a Staff Writer and Marketing Team Member.  It didn’t pay much but I loved writing and creating events for people.  The notoriety fell short in my eyes.  The opportunity gave me a time to release and show my capabilities to a local and sometimes national audience.  

With every door that closes and a door opens, at 34, I am my own boss doing what I passionate about; content, media and events. I love it. I am still not making the wealth that I want but I know that it will come.  I am in prayer about it constantly so something has got to give. 

So why do I say this to you? Consider what brings you joy and make a dream a reality. Yes, it is easier said than done.  But being free requires you not be stressed out but in love with your gifts and abilities regardless what anyone says about your life.  You have to have a personal “Come to Jesus” moment to look at your health to consider what your options are. Stress equals death. Love equals life and freedom.

In love,



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