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As we continue to revise our event plan for the Session, I want to bring clarity to the sponsorship opportunities of the event. The format of the event changed slightly so we wanted to provide individuals within the industries an opportunity to have exclusive rights to sponsor the event based on industry. For example, if you are someone in the entertainment industry and decided to sponsor the event, you will be only company or organization to hold the entertainment sponsorship of the event.

So with the Session: Sports, Entertainment & Fashion edition, there will only be 3 additional sponsors for the event. We are looking for individuals, businesses or organizations who are part of those industries to sponsor the event. In addition, you have be local to the Dallas-Ft.Worth area. 

As a sponsor, you receive the following courtesies:

  • Business logo and/or name displayed in all event advertising and promotions
  • An opportunity to distribute your business’ marketing collateral at the event
  • Business Logo and information will play on a flash presentation in the event location during the Session (similar to our Introduction video on our Youtube page (www.youtube.com/indigo7mktng)
  • In addition, you will be able to invite 10 attendees at a reduced rate.

There is a fee that will be incurred to be a sponsor. Please email us at info@indigo7marketing.com for more info. 

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