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Jul 24, 2014 / 1 note

#Event Moment : To Network For Your Net Worth…..

Note: This particular #Event Moment was influenced by an alarming feeling as a female entrepreneur when we consider our net worth as we build brand recognition and awareness through event creation.  Today’s conversation is coming from a women’s perspective focused on networking based on social events.  Sorry to those who are in need of conceptual and business ideas for the event industry.  I got y’all in two weeks!

As I evaluate my career and business during my mid-year review, I wondered where my brand will be in next four months.  Your visibility is an important factor in the life of a business owner/entrepreneur.  The sort of events you attend and the people you meet is critical in your survival as a brand creator.  If your business is looking for corporate brands, do you think a networking event at a strip club will offer you a positive increase towards your net worth? In my opinion, no.

For women in the business industry, we need to be careful about who we associate with and where we go. I know we make good intentions to be seen as a professional of valor and favor. But if you are at a strip club or after hours joint, you cannot expect be seen as a valuable woman of faith in business. You will be seen as a groupie with a brand.  A true woman of business wants to be seen at events that will enrich and improve her brand in manner that will create the proper long term net worth her brand needs to survive, socially and financially.

I’m not saying this to be mean especially for my younger female business owners. I speak with experience.  In the past, I tried to be an agent of change by attempting to host a quarterly networking event in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  I felt I damaged my relationship with my younger brother when working together as Indigo7 Marketing and Design due to my attempts to create a network of associates through the event.

 photo MPDSessionFlyer.jpg

 In 2011, I worked on the initial networking event to introduce my brother and myself to the Design, Marketing and Event industries in the Metroplex.  I heard the city was buzzing about the event until a person called to get the event cancelled. The person identified themselves as a staff member of the seminary I attended.  Now, the contact at the venue did not say a thing to me about the conversation nor the meeting that took place about my business and the event with the individual who called. Supposedly, the person who came representing the seminary was not the actual person. The woman was black. The staff member was a white woman. Now, you’re thinking, what the hell? I didn’t realize my business was having some sort of effect at the seminary. The event never happened.  No one would RSVP.  Really, I wished I did more research on the staff, faculty and students who attended the school.   

As an event planner/designer, I do not answer “business” emails at 2 am. I ignore events that have some sort of sexual implications. I’m 34 years old. I know better. I understand what that means.  Really, I realized recently it had a great deal to do with who I was connected to in Memphis, St. Louis, Atlanta, NYC and Dallas. Even though, I pride myself with holding myself with class and distinction, others in my former crew didn’t.

Ladies, I tell you this story to tell you be careful with who you work with, what venues you work with and go to.  Not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy my conversation. I am quiet with many people now.  Ministry is not an option anymore. All because one minor networking event…..

I will only do events for other brands not my own.  Maybe, that sounds crazy. I just don’t want the drama……You have to be able to know your network to dictate what your net worth will be.

Not all that glitters is gold…. Quality over Quantity!


Picture:  Gordon Anelechi Onukogu

Jul 21, 2014 / 2 notes

#Branding Moment: Nestle Wants Healthy

As everyone evaluates its brand during a year of uncertainty, Nestle, Inc has jumped on the bandwagon of brand refocus and change.  Known for its confection division, the brand wants to leave the Butterfinger and Crunch candy bars behind to focus on brands like Gerber and PureLife water.  To quote Ad Age, the goal is to change consumer perception of Nestle from a “trusted chocolate company” to a “recognized and trusted food and beverage, nutrition, health and wellness company.”


Right now, Nestle is falling short in the chocolate industry. Due to a recent transaction of third chocolate Leader Lindt involving the purchase of Russell Stover Candies, Nestle is running towards fourth place. Hershey and Mars are the first and second leaders of the mass chocolate sector, respectively.

With those kind of numbers, why shouldn’t Nestle change focus from candies to health and wellness products? It is important to remember that Nestle has been working to transform its viewpoint for about a decade.  The nutrition bar, Powerbar was created by Nestle but has recently been sold to Post Holdings.  Currently, the brand is working to change the Nestle’s brand mission and vision domestically by presenting Gerber, Purelife, Nesquik and Sunshine in a different light to consumers.

My response:  With dismal chocolate and confection sales, I believe that Nestle is making the right move. You cannot tell your consumer that you’re for healthy living when your candies and chocolate are contributing to his or her increasing waistline. I would have kept the Powerbar line, though.  It was a strong brand for Nestle and had great consumer base. I’m not sure if it was supply chain issues or problems with promotional and marketing strategies.  My only concern would be the promotional idea of focusing on a “healthy” Nesquik. Yes, it is popular with young families but is it really something deemed “health and wellness”.

I wish Nestle the best in creating a domestic branding strategy to move its focus from chocolate to a health and wellness vision and mission. I do wonder if Nestle has been able to see a change in its consumer, globally. Something drastic would need to happen for consumers to see Nestle in a different light in North America.  In my experience in the consumer goods industry in US, customers want products that will increase their lifespan and easy to use.


Sources: Ad Age/Bloomberg

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Jul 7, 2014

#Branding Moment: Four Seasons’ Extraordinary Experiences

When I’m in Event Planner/Designer mode, I always make a point to keep up with venues that I would propose to clients as event venues.  While scrolling through my personal Twitter account (@itsndidio) a few months back, I noticed a sponsored ad from the Four Seasons Hotel brand.  The tweet was engaging potential customers with the idea of coming to the hotel chain for Private Jet Journeys. This was news to me.  I was shocked. In my research, I have yet to find any other lodging brand, luxury to moderate, providing that kind of travel opportunity to consumers.   The Four Seasons brand is known for its opulence and luxury content. Why not go the extra mile and provide the consumers with a different type of travel prospect?

According to the Four Seasons website, the Private Jet Journeys are available to its customers via its Extraordinary Experiences concept. It is definitely remarkable.  The concept speaks to a demographic that is looking for more than just a vacation. He or she is looking for a travel encounter to remember.  From taking a walk through the Serengeti via the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Tanzania to having your very own Fireworks show at the Four Seasons St. Louis, this lodging brand is attempting to leave its consumers with a moment in his or her travel history that will motivate the consumer to consider Four Seasons for all of lodging and travel needs. 

For more information about the Four Seasons Extraordinary Experiences, please visit

My Response: 

The Four Seasons Extraordinary Experiences is definitely a force to reckoning with in regards to other luxury lodging brands availability to travel.  Really, I have more questions than a response.  I see great things with the Extraordinary Experiences for Four Seasons.  My main concern in regards to the opportunity is the consumers’ understanding of the travel experiences through Four Seasons.  Will they see it as something that is for all of its customers or for a certain type of consumer within its clientele?  Personally, I see it for a certain group of consumers within the Four Seasons’ clientele.

The questions lingering after learning about the Extraordinary Experiences are the following:

  • How many people utilize the Four Seasons for travel and lodging, overall?
  • Due to the price of the private jet journeys ($69,000-$119,000 per person), which segment of its consumers encompass the ideal traveler for the journeys?
  • By creating the Extraordinary Experience option, is Four Seasons meeting a need that was mentioned by its consumers?

I commend Four Seasons for taking a step of out of the usual by creating experiences to help its consumers have memorable moments through travel.


Source: Four Seasons Hotel

Mar 31, 2014 / 1 note

Commercial Break: Summer Planning

Are you a lifestyle brand preparing for a summer of events and activities for your consumers, associates and clients?  Please keep Indigo7 Marketing & Events in mind. 

The services available:

  • Image Consultation/Development:  Creating and/or improving a brand’s image by focusing on the physical/digital appearance, behavior and communication skills of the entity. 
  • Media Training: Helping brands create a favorable look while working with the media. Training key leadership to present the brand during media appearances in a manner that is pleasing to the entity’s mission and values  (new)
  • Media Placement/Relations:  Working on behalf of a brand in a media capacity, to find complimentary media outlets to present the entity’s notable events and news. (new)
  • Brand Journalism/Content Marketing:  Crafting content and/or verbiage for brands from a journalistic perspective. The content is used in various facets of marketing and public relations that will be fact checked and research for accuracy and dedicated to the mission of the brand.
  • Visual Brand Placement (retail/grocery): Creating attractive and inventive visuals for store placement via promotional displays and fixtures (new)
  • Event Design: Organizing and forming an event’s environment via décor through thematic and conceptual ideas
  • Experiential Event Planning/Management: Events focused on the relationship between the brand and its consumers. There is an interactive component involved in building the brand’s loyalty among its consumers within this form of events.
  • Corporate & Community Social Responsibility: Strategies to help brands gain relationships with community entities associated to its consumers through social change initiatives. (new)
  • Event Site Identification:  Identifying feasible event locations for clients
  • Onsite Event Management/Support: Providing logistical support and/or management during an event usually the day of the function

With over 12 years of experience, I will be able to provide the best in branding, media and event concepts specifically for your brand.  Please email or call 972-630-9557 for conversation and pricing.  

Only Serious Inquiries, please…..

     Because I’m serious about my craft…….NO games This Year!

Thank You,


Oct 14, 2013

The #Branding Moment: Disney Parks

On October 9, Disneyland and Walt Disney World modified its policies for people with disabilities who support the brand. Based on the previous policy, individuals with disabilities had the ability to cut the line to get on most of the rides at both amusement parks.  With the new policy established, attendees with disabilities can no longer cut the line but have an opportunity to come at an estimated time of arrival when the lines are moving in a quick pace to enter the ride.  Now, please realize that the individuals who have this option are people with disabilities who have cognitive abilities but minor to moderate physical issues.

Is this effective for the Disney brand? The overall issue for leadership at both amusement parks is the fact that many line cutters were lying to park officials about having a disability. With the new policy, the brand hopes to cut the number of fakes using the disability excuse to move to the front of the line.

Currently, there is no mention of a community awareness campaign about the new policy to this demographic and its supporters.

Learn more about the new policy here:

Do you love it or hate it?

As always, I will give my response Friday Morning via Twitter.


Oct 11, 2013

In a Sudden Change….. #FranklyFriday

I wanted to show you all a video that I found interesting in regards to creating a positive brand image in the midst of change. The hardest aspect of branding is the ability to adapt to change in an uneasy situation like the economy. The government shutdown has many in business and branding wondering about personal and career livelihoods in a manner that could bring potential harm to one’s brand image.  It is all about the mentality of your brand creating a cohesive unit for the better. Consider that in the midst of uncertainty.

Video: Mental Image Brand by Fuelblue Branding (

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Oct 7, 2013

The #Branding Moment: Kmart

In order to regain some brand relevancy in the discount store industry, Kmart is looking to cultural icons to bring consumers to its stores.  With over 300 stores closed nationally due to financial restructuring, the retailer has an uncertain future among its competitors.  From data, the brand falls behind Target as the third Big-Box leading retailer in the United States.

Focused on the bring back the notoriety it once had with the “Blue Light Special”, the branding team at Kmart are restructuring the brand’s image to read youthful, cultural aware and affordable to its customers.  In recent collaborations, Maroon 5’s lead singer, Adam Levine, Rapper Nicki Minaj and Actress Sofia Vergara have created apparel collections for the brand. For its recent “Back to School” commercials, Hip-Hop was used to draw children and parents to buy attire from Kmart. 

In what seemed to be an immature move by Kmart consumers, the retailer showed its first series of holiday advertising in September.  The commercials coincided with the introduction of a new layaway promotion in store. 

Do you love it or hate it?

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Oct 4, 2013

It’s A Serious Matter…. #FranklyFriday

We’re coming towards the end of a fiscal year. Most corporate entities and small businesses are looking at its strategic plans for 2014. Recently, I wrote about partnerships and collaborations and how it works for the good of the business.  But I have come to realized why most companies don’t strategize with complimentary entities in today’s business culture.  In former past, it was common place to have a series of partnerships with those brands that were admired in the community.  Something has changed. I believe it is a matter of respect between brands.  There is absolutely none, at least in my eyes.

For instance, the organizers of the St. Louis Fashion Week sued a group who created the new Missouri Fashion Week due to the potential theft of proprietary information this year.  The individuals who created the Missouri Fashion Week were at one time associated to the St. Louis Fashion Week along with St. Charles (MO) Fashion Week.  In the end, the courts did side with Missouri Fashion Week organizers.  Will it work out for Missouri Fashion Week in the long run? Time will tell….. 

Do I agree with St. Louis Fashion Week suing the Missouri Fashion Week organizers? Yes. It is about respect, the lack of it. As Beyonce said, Bow Down, B!*#&#$! That’s real talk! You put in all that work to create something to help the greater good and watch someone take ownership as if they’re the successor. Hell, no! I would and will fight tooth and nail if anyone ever tries me. Never again!

A partnership and/or collaboration will not work if the following isn’t in order:

• Finances • The Team (Leadership/Staff) • Infrastructure (Organizational/Strategic Culture) • Communication Skills (Internal/External)

When looking for potential partners, you want to be clear about your mission and goals within the effort. It should be something that is amicable and appropriate for both entities. Financially, both parties will be carrying their weight in the situation, in-kind or monetary. Organizational and Strategic culture must be mutual in the design of the collaboration. The levels of communication within the partnership should meet the needs of staff and leadership as well as consumers and media. 

Questions, comments and/or concerns. Tweet or Tumblr me. Thanks for reading!

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Oct 2, 2013

The #Emerge Spotlight: Shavonne Deann

Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose and Fashion Guru Ty Hunter have spoken words of encouragement to this brand’s creator for her creativity. Known for making her presence felt during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2010/2011, this particular designer is used to bring her work to the people.

In its third year, the brand was created for the ambitious go-getter. The woman that wears this fashion line is the one who is having her own happy hour in the office while focusing on the next project deadline.   In her words, the woman is clean, sexy, simple and above all, chic.

To her, success is a process but it’s a beautiful struggle.

Introducing Shavonne Deann……

Name: Shavonne Cooper

Mission: Catering to a variety of style efforts while remaining cohesive and consistent


Social Media: 







Don’t be dismay, folks!  Her fall 2013 line is coming. Check the website for more. 


Photo:  Facebook/Fashion Bomb Daily

Sep 30, 2013

The #Branding Moment: Honey Nut Cheerios

Coming from an unnecessary assassination of its most recent Cheerios advertising, General Mills has created a very interesting collaboration with Rapper/Actor Nelly for its “Must Be the Honey” campaign for its Honey Nut Cheerios Brand.  

Sidenote:  Read my Branding Moment commentary for Cheerios for more information about its most recent advertising campaign

Nelly was commissioned to create a verse and chorus for the new Honey Nut Cheerios campaign. The tagline “Must be the Honey” is a remix of a line within Nelly’s song, “Ride Wit Me” from his Country Grammar EP.  The original line is “Must be the Money”.  As the current spokesperson for the promotion, Nelly worked with the Honey Nut Cheerios icon, “Buzz the Bee”.  The image/persona of Buzz was modified to reach a younger demographic. 

From the collaboration with Nelly, Nike decided to get on board by providing key influencers of Honey Nut Cheerios with a pair of Lebron 10 gold high tops called “Must Be the Honey”. 


Do you love it or hate it?

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